We believe that consistency of staff is vital to the children settling in and feeling happy and secure at the nursery, while we do not descriminate when selecting staff we try to have a mix of qualified and experienced staff and pride ourselves in our extremely low staff turnover.


Emma Murphy

Nursery Owner


I have now been working with children for 26 years and have 3 children of my own. I started helping to teach children to swim when I was 17 and it was then that I developed a passion for working with them. After completing my A-levels I took a temporary summer holiday job as a nanny and I loved it so much that I went back to college and took my Btec National Diploma Level 3 in nursery nursing. In 2018, I completed my 6 year, part-time degree in psychology and plan to start my Masters degree in Childhood and Youth in October 2018.


I have worked as a nanny and in numerous big chain nurseries, where I started feeling that I wanted to develop something smaller and more personal for children, catering for their individual needs. I didn't like the fact that the children all had the same thing for dinner, with the same sized portions, that they were all expected to sleep or lay down at the same time and have outdoor play for a 2 hour slot each day and most importantly that the staff seemed to change every week. In 2003 after 18 months of planning I had the nursery built on the back of my family home and I have run the

nursery from here ever since.


Jodie McLaughlin


Jodie is level 3 childcare trained and had worked in big chain nurseries for 10 years before she came to work with us. She is a firm favourite with the children, due to her calm and soft nature. Jodie replaced a lady who had worked with us for 11 years last September and we hope to keep Jodie for just as long, if not longer!


Donna Boyd


Donna has worked for a number of big chain nurseries in Maidenhead as 'bank staff' and started with us on a similar basis, but soon became a permanent fixture. Donna has four grown-up children and four grand children, so we don't know where she finds the time! 


Toby Pritchard


Toby is my 18 year old eldest son and is currently working as a football coach for Maidenhead United FC's community scheme with primary school aged children in Maidenhead and surrounding areas. Toby works with us for one day a week and whenever we need him. He can mostly be found in the garden playing with footballs, dirt and sticks!